Friday, 20 April 2012

Radio 4

Today's R for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is dedicated to Radio 4.

When I started my Philosophy course, we had an Induction Day, where we were given a tremendous speech by the inspirational Dr. Kevin Frances. I'll remember it, and him, forever. He said that, whatever we do, we should do it well. Read well, write well and live well. He recommended we all start listening to Radio 4, and I did just that.

The range of shows make it impossible not to stimulate your brain and imagination. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'd prefer that over yet another mechanical pop song on the wireless (Ok, there's no doubt about it: I AM getting old).

You can squeeze these in on your journeys to/from work, or make a point of chilling out and listening to it exclusively. Mind you, we all know how writers apparently never have time for such luxuries.

I believe it's all part of my personal growth, so I make a point of it.

Here are my top 3 BBC Radio 4 shows, with links to the Podcasts for your downloading pleasure.

Listen well, people.

Books and Authors: This is self-explanatory. Let Mariella Frostrup's velvety voice sooth you, whilst she and guests (usually other writers) talk about their favourite books and what makes them so good. A worthy show for any writer!

Drama of the Week: These plays have yet to fail at drawing me in completely. Usually less than an hour long: Go run a bubble bath and immerse yourself in a tension-filled tale.

A Point of View: These are great little snippets of thought-provoking speeches. How do hastily written emails compare to the old-fashioned art of letter writing? Is there such a thing as Information Overload? Have a browse through the list of POV's; I'm sure you'll find something to peak your interest.

Here's a list of the rest of them, should you wish to investigate further!

Today's R music video is for Rage Against The Machine. Who doesn't love Killing in the name of? Shall we partake in a spot of head-banging, perhaps? Don't mind if I do.



Kyra Lennon said...

Oh, I can't listen to Radio 4 for long periods of time. All the talk and no music makes me crazy! However, I do like listening to Milton Jones!

Cassam said...

I've never listened to radio 4 but my hubby does. I think after reading this I'll give it a go,I didn't realise it was so interesting.

deathwriter said...

I'd never heard of Radio 4, but I've heard some great stuff from the BBC. I like NPR--Story Corps, This American Life are my favorites. I'll have to check it out. I want to listen to the one on letter writing, which I love. I only get mail from two people, my mom and a friend who is incarcerated. I love that it takes time to compose a letter and it's something tangible. Texting and tweeting are much too short and they don't let me ramble on, which I am prone to do.

a.eye said...

Never heard of Radio 4. I'll have to check it out. I guess I am old, too, since I often prefer talk radio (NPR) over cheesy pop music.

Sally said...

I love Radio 4 and have done since I was a teenager - my hubby says he isn't an 'audio person' whereas I am. I can get lost in a play, a comedy - Woman's Hour and things I never thought would interest me can be fascinating over the radio. More thought has to go in to a radio presentation because you can't have 'silence.' More Radio 4 - ooh and The Archers!!

Catherine Noble said...

@Kyra Lennon: Admittedly, there are a few shows on it that are a bit tiresome. I'll need to have a listen for Milton Jones :)

@Cassam: You should have a look at the list of podcasts, I'm sure there'll be something to catch your eye :)

@deathwriter: I'm so jealous that you have handwritten communication with people! I wish someone would care about me that much haha :) I know what you mean about texting and tweeting, and I shan't even get started on this whole BBM nonsense... (oooh the old lady in me is coming out again)

@a.eye: Cheesy pop music is over-rated, lets console our old selves with this concept :)

@Sally: I'll have to have a listen out for The Archers! I really do get lost in a play too :) sometimes the shrieking/theatrics can get on my nerves a bit, but it's to be expected when all you rely on is sound for portrayal of emotions. Ahh... I'm in the mood to go listen to another Play of the Week now!

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