Friday, 2 December 2011

It's not over till I say so, alright?

"Just keep swimming... just keep swimming..."
Dory, Finding Nemo.

Ah Disney.  You may have ruined my expectations of men forever, but you sure know how to motivate me.

Having completed my 50k target for NaNoWriMo (50,028 words, to be exact), I initially decided I was going to take a break from writing; just for a week or two.  I deserved it, after pushing myself to the kind of writing extremes I'd never reached before.

Thankfully, I've realised I have no desire to take a break.  I can't stop thinking about my story!

And that's all it is as the moment.  A story.  No chapters; no deliberate thematic structre, no real craft.  In this project, I gather I'm about 20% complete.

What I want to do now, is go through it all, write more scenes, delete the guff (which is a good chunk of the beginning, from what I can see!), make the characters as strong at the beginning as they were at the end (I knew they'd come to life), do some more research, and give the story some... fluidity.

This is my first attempt at writing a novel.  I've toyed with novel software and was left scarred when it disappeared from my computer one day (my fault, but still...).  So, it's all on one 84-page document, looking messier than my hair in the mornings. 

It's also saved on some external hard drives and memory sticks of course (Ahm no daft, me!!).

Once I've done all the above, then I'll take a break.  Even if I'm itching to get on with it.  I'm going to look at it like a good casserole, or marinade.  Sometimes it's better to leave it alone, to develop (sorry, my food-geekiness is starting to show). 

Obviously I can't neglect it for too long, or it will go off, but it's essential for me to stay away for a while.  Just not yet though.

For now, I shall just keep swimming.



Anonymous said...

Food analogies are totally acceptable! Karen Wiesner likens writing to brewing coffee in a percolator. :}

Congratulations on your NaNo win!!

Jacynth Rich said...

This post really resonated with me. The idea of crafting a story before all the nitty gritty things, and feeling motivated by holding that story.

Congrats on your November victory!

Catherine Noble said...

@bullishink - Thank you :) I do love my food analogies!

@Jacynth - I'm really glad it resonated with you; that's wonderful! :) Thank you!

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