Monday, 29 September 2014

Take heart

This blog post was supposed to be about how I was quitting the Artist's Way. About how it had all started off wonderfully, then stalled around the 4 week mark when I became completely distracted by the Scottish Independence Referendum. 

The subsequent heartache of my country rejecting its own independence made it very, very difficult for me to partake in self-indulgent projects such as rediscovering my inner artist.

I've allowed myself a few week's reprieve from the Artist's Way to accommodate this historical event in our lifetime, but when I think about getting back into it, it feels incredibly self-absorbed. 

The whole concept of Artist Dates and Spiritual Measurement seems utterly repulsive, when all I see around me are people drying their eyes, regrouping, and filling the likes of George Square with food donations for those who need it - many who have been sorely failed. There is still so much to be done; who am I to indulge myself?

(Photo taken from Glasgow's Needy facebook page)

In the second week of the Artist's Way, I was inspired to apply for an Open University degree course in Design & Innovation. It starts this Saturday. It's going to require an extra 20 hours of my week, which seems ridiculous when factoring in the Artist's Way, work (still getting my head around the new role) and writing.

But in the spirit of my fellow voters for Scottish Independence, I believe in a better existence, and I am going to continue the conversation. With Scotland and with myself. I'm going to keep volunteering at the food bank, hold every promise to account, re-engage with the Artist's Way, get stuck into my studies and keep on writing the novel. If anything, the Morning Pages will seek to give some clarity in an increasingly senseless world.

Hope you're all well.
Catherine x


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