Sunday, 28 April 2013


When writing, I like to explore different settings and imagine all the different scenarios that can arise. This writing warm-up for my A to Z Blogging Challenge is a good example: we're going beneath the surface...

U is for Underground.

1. You're on the subway, when it comes to a halt between stations. Describe three other people in the carriage, making them all completely different. You decide how long they're stuck and what will happen next...

2. Sketch a mind-map using the key word as the nucleus, then branch out in whatever direction you please. You might find yourself going in completely unrelated paths (which I personally prefer). Do a five-minute freewrite incorporating as many (or few) branch words as you like. Here is my mind map (created using the SimpleMind app on my phone):

3. Choose one of the following sentence starts and freewrite for a few minutes, letting the words tumble out without a second thought:
  • The forensic team made their way into the tunnel. All trains suspended till further notice...
  • We were strolling around the carnival, when he stopped outside the Tunnel of Love and held out his hand...
  • It was dark and creepy, but the underpass would be cut my journey in half...
I find it best not to read my freewrites for at least a few days. Why not stuff them in a drawer and surprise yourself? It's blatant evidence that our minds work in mysterious ways. Plus, I defy you not to find an array of story seeds amongst your work.

Do you have any writing warm-ups you'd like to share?

Take care,
Catherine x

Note: All photo prompts in my A to Z Challenge 2013 are my own. Feel free to use/copy/share to your hearts content. Help yourself. :)



Barbara White Daille said...

Catherine - I love black and white photos. This one is great.

And so are the prompts. I especially like #1, as I'm always making up stories about the people I see on a bus, in a store, etc.

Thanks again for the brain challenges all this month.

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