Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Get back to work, you!

Hellooo, everyone. I've missed you so.
Coming down from my holiday, I'm still trying to get back into a routine. I've missed my wee writing schedule, and hope to get one set up again ASAP. This time, however, my schedule will be a bit more... *takes deep breath* sociable.

As much as I love being holed up in the corner of my room for hours on end (I genuinely do. I’m a weirdo.), I think it will do me good to interact with other writers and attend workshops, writer events, etc. I’m rewriting my novel to the best of my ability, but I believe the quality of my writing could be better. Much better.

Coming from a city so rich in creative talent, it would be ridiculous not to take advantage of everything that’s on offer.

I joined the Glasgow Writer’s Group months ago, and chickened out an hour before I was due to attend one of their meetings. I was sitting in the Mitchell library with SIXTEEN printed submissions for that evening alone, and felt completely out of my depth. I hope to have the balls to attend one of the meetings, with a submission of my own, in the near future.

As much as I adore it, working solely on my novel can get a bit tedious at times and I want to keep my creativity alive. I’m hoping writing things like short stories will improve my writing style, which will ultimately improve the novel's content.

I’ve also become one of the latest members of the Federation of Writers (Scotland), and am looking forward to attending some of the events coming up, such as the Moving Forward with Writing event. It's an open learning day for authors to display or promote their work, as well as attend taster classes (which is the bit I'm most interested in!).

Tonight, I’m going to the book launch party of Wild, a book by Gill Hoff. Gill is a member of the Glasgow Writer’s Group and everything I’ve read of hers has the tendency to stick in my head long after reading it. Her work is wonderfully dark and disturbing at times. Have a browse of some of her stories here. This story gave me the dry boak… in a good way (strong stomach required!).

How about you? Do you find working on other things helps keep you enthusiastic about your novel? Or do you just think it’s another form of procrastination?



Misha Gericke said...

I stayed really focused on my main WiP for months now, but got stuck creativity wise. I'm thinking I didn't spent enough time on keeping my creative juices going. :-/

Catherine Noble said...

@Misha Gericke: Snap! Fingers crossed you get your creative juices flowing again soon, maybe little projects might work for you too :)

michelle said...

I'm so caught up in writing flash fic, that the novel I would love to work on (still in embryonic form...)is going nowhere fast... *sighs* and is in danger of self-destructing... LOL!

I love writing flash fiction, and it's a great way to get your writing tight... succinct...

Anonymous said...

I did something similar a few months ago, I had planned on going to a Kickboxing class and 5 mins before it began I turned around and headed home.

You should attend the next class... Having a way with words is one thing, getting a way with them is another. You already have the way and remember you don't need to impress them.

For the most important person you can lead is yourself.

Anne Mackle said...

I too joined the Glasgow writers group but then I decided I couldn't put any of my writing up alongside theirs so I know how you feel. Have you heard of Weegie Wednesday? A large group of writers,agents,publishers etc who meet once a month (I think) they have a speaker, a few months back it was Ian Rankin. I haven't been yet but thinking of it.

Amanda Saint said...

Hello Catherine, getting out in the world is the best thing I ever did for my writing, despite how scary it was to start with. The first time I had to read out my WIP I was so nervous I couldn't eat all day beforehand and could barely get the words out when reading. It does get easier though and I do all sorts of different courses now and have started going to lots of writing events where meeting other writers has been great. I've discovered that everyone is so supportive and nice that it really spurs you on. Come to the Festival of Writing in York in September, it will be great. Amanda x

Amanda Saint said...

PS. What is a dry boak?!

Catherine Noble said...

@michelle: Aww, I feel your pain, Michelle! At least you've got your flash fic to show for it... I have an ever growing mass of highly disposable novel scraps!

@Anonymous: That's a shame about the boxing class. Just think how far ahead we'd be by now if we'd just attended when we were supposed to! :( Thank you for your kind words, you're right: I shouldn't have to impress anyone :)

@Anne Mackle: Yes I have heard of Weegie Wednesday, I thought it was just the same bunch of people but on a different day! We should just go for it and turn up one day, see what it's like. What say you?

@Amanda Saint: Thanks for your lovely, motivational words! I WISH I could go to the Festival of Writing in York! If only I had a spare £400-500 :o maybe next year...

P.S. A dry boak is a Glaswiegan term for heaving/wretching. Sorry to be so crass haha I couldn't help myself :)

Maria said...

Joining in with any writing community is the way forward. There is a wealth of resources out there. Be brave, and go out and find them.

A good writing buddy would do you the world of good too. Someone to hook up with and swap and share ideas etc There is then the possibility of cake and critique too! But make sure you keep it controlled, otherwise you might end up with more than you bargained for...

If you do decide to buddy up, agree a manageable word count, something like 500 words to start off with...that way if its tedious and not for you, its not a lot of writing to have to comment upon.

Get out and about to any conferences, or day workshops. Then, suss out who you know on twitter, or blog world who is going and arrange a meet up there.

I am seriously thinking of going to the Festival of Writing in York next year...getting amongst other writers will do you good. Most aren't precious and will share with pleasure.

I've joined the Writers Huddle which is an online community run by Ali Luke, http://www.aliventures.com/ there is a monthly fee, but I find the forums helpful, and the seminars are there for you to download alongside mini courses.

Personally, I have to do something else other than writing otherwise my creative energy is sapped and I can't think or write. So I got to a yoga class, which helps with the back too!

And I like to walk, to think about the next scene in a chapter, or just to amble and take pictures with my camera.

You'll find yourself if you step out... ;-)

Melissa said...

With the kids out of school, I'd love nothing more than to be holed up in my room, surrounded by quiet. Ah, well. I can dream.

Yes. I do think getting involved in other activities helps, as long as there's a reason for it and you're not using it to procrastinate. Like...if you're blocked and the activity/break helps you get unblocked - then great.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)

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