Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Today's A to Z Challenge is V for Vocabulary.

Is anyone else interested in improving their vocabulary? I find mines improves when I'm reading books frequently, and I was always under the impression that, as an enthusiastic writer, I had an "above average" range...

Then I took this test, requiring me to tick the boxes of all the words I was familiar with. More importantly, I was to leave blank the words I didn't know.

How did I do?

This meant nothing to me until I read the info on the results: "Most Native English adult speakers who have taken the test fall in the range 20,000–35,000 words."

Well, I am just devastated. I know it's not THE definitive test, but it's the kick up the arse I need!

In order to improve my vocabulary, I intend to take immediate action.

Having done a Google search to "Improve My Vocabulary", I've come across (funnily enough). It's exactly what I need. It gives me multiple choice questions and if I don't know the correct word, it gives me a clear explanation, as well as the chance to listen to how the word is pronounced.

Who's signing up with me? I'm not sinking in this inarticulate ship alone!

Do you have any other tips on improving vocabulary? I know it's not the bee-all and end-all of writing, but I'm looking at it like a musical instrument: it's best when you know all the notes to play!

Today's V song is Vivrant Thing, by Q-Tip. I love this song just as much now, as when it first came out in 1999 (oh dear, where has the time gone?)!



Kyra Lennon said...

Clearly, I need! I will check that out later when I have a little more time! :D

Catherine Noble said...

@Kyra Lennon: Be warned... it's mildly addictive haha :)

Sally said...

I love finding out what words mean and sometimes I'm surprised that what I thought they mean and what they actually mean can be two different things.

Catherine Noble said...

@Sally: Me too! I've also been finding that some words have completely different meanings to what I originally thought they did :\

Trisha said...

I've known for a long time that my vocab is not up to scratch! I definitely need to use a thesaurus more ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the test! Great idea on, which I will sign up for also. One of the things I do when I'm writing is use a thesaurus all the time. Not only is this a way to expand my own lexicon, but it keeps me from using the same words repeatedly, which can make writing dull (at least, in my opinion). Thanks for posting the links!

Amanda Saint said...

I thought I had a good vocabulary too but only got a very average 28,500. I am off to read the dictionary!

Catherine Noble said...

@Trisha: I'm in good company, then :D

@thespotts: Lexicon... you show off! Haha :) I'm glad you like the links!

@Amanda Saint: You still got higher than me (although that's not particularly difficult). I'm going to start using a highly obscure word in a sentence every day from this day forward. It may be an iconoclastic feat, but it's a start *chuckle*

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