Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh... you nasty piece of work!

Lets face it, people... we love to hate.

In fiction, there's nothing more satisfying than reading the part where the baddie gets some serious payback for the suffering they've caused. It leaves the reader going a bit like this...

...closely followed by a mental victory lap.

In order to get that feeling of justice, you first need to have a serious cretin in your midst. This is why today's A to Z Blogging Challenge is dedicated to Baddies.

We need them in our lives. Just don't tell the brutes; it simply wont do to make an unsavoury character feel appreciated.

Who's your favourite fiction baddie? I have to say, mines is Olivia Foxworth from Virginia Andrews's Flowers In The Attic. She was a rancid maggot, wasn't she? Not only did she lock her grandchildren (whom she lovingly referred to as "The Devil's Spawn") in the attic for several years, she poured hot tar over poor Cathy's hair and conspired with their own mother to kill them!

Oh, she's a sinister swine! Can you think of a worse one? Do share :)

I'd also like dedicate the word B, today, for Bagpipes. Perhaps it's all this tartan blood running through my veins, but I just absolutely adore the sound of them, especially accompanied by a snare drum.

Here's a video-clip of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing with a bagpipe band, at a music festival I attended three years ago. It gave me goosebumps at the time and has the same effect today. Stunning. Enjoy!



Kyra Lennon said...

Great villain choice, she is definitely right up there with the most awful baddies in fiction!

Cassam said...

Oh I remember Flowers in The Attic I read the whole series it was really quite disturbing. I hate when soaps introduce a baddie ,they always spoil things. Being Scottish I love bagpipes they always bring a wee tear to my eye.

Catherine Noble said...

@Kyra Lennon: Thanks! Most of the antagonists in Virginia Andrews books are just poisonous; makes for excellent reading! :)

@Cassam: It really is quite sick, isn't it? I can't keep up with the soaps these days, but you remember that one from Coronation Street, Richard? He was a scoundrel, wasn't he? Haha, it was pure charicature! :)

sulekkha said...

Interesting choice of subject :) Baddies are a must for the good ones to look better in the stories. We find great satisfaction in the baddies getting beat up.
Thanks for your lovely comment on my post.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Mine's probably Iago. He was a manipulation mastermind. What a terrific Baddie. GREAT post! I had to think for a while to come up with my favorite. Happy A-Z blogging!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Oh, my favorite baddie? Like in the baddest baddie, the most despicable and is into it for the power and the pain? Or the one who thinks s/he's the hero in his/her own story? That's a tough one.

Amanda Saint said...

A baddie that I thought was very poisonous recently was Barbara in Zoe Heller's Notes on a Scandal. What a conniving, two-faced cow! Flowers in the Attic - what a blast from the past. Looking forward to reading C tomorrow Catherine but better crack on and write mine...

nutschell said...

Baddies are good for stories:) Love that cat picture!
Great A-Z post!

Marta Szemik said...

The first baddie that always pops into my head is Cinderella's step mother. I don't know why! I know she's not the worst one out there, but she's always the first one in my mind.

David M. Brown said...

Love seeing the bad guys get their comeuppance. Ironically, one of the characters I despised most of all was Briony in Ian McEwan's Atonement. I know she wasn't meant to be a villain but she made my blood boil given the damage she does. Great selections for the letter "B" Al the best with the rest of the challenge :)

Susan Oloier said...

I need to give more thought to my favorite baddie. Hmmmm...

LindaK said...

Loved the post - and the cat! My favourite baddie isn't literary, I'm afraid - it has to be Tony Soprano! How can someone be so bad and yet you find yourself rooting for him? A very well written character - or I think so anyway! Looking forward to reading some more of your posts. LindaK

J.C. Martin said...

Oh, I like my baddies sarcastic and witty, like Hades in Disney's Hercules. :)

That, or they are cultured anti-heroes like Hannibal Lecter. ;)

J.C. Martin
A to Z Blogger

Catherine Noble said...

My goodness… thank you for all these lovely comments!

@Sulekkha: It’s always good to read about a baddie getting beaten, haha. No problem!

@S.L. Hennessy: Thank you! Iago as in Othello? I haven’t read it (yet), must put on my TBR list

@Donna K. Weaver: Like the baddest baddie, the most despicable of all humanity! They all think they’re the hero too, don’t they?

@Amanda Saint: Oooh I must read this, I LOVE reading about conniving, two-faced cows! Good luck with your A-Z!

@Nutschell: Love your name! I’m glad you liked the cat picture, it gave me a chuckle!

@Marta Szemik: Ooooh the Stepmother is a brutal creature, isn’t she? Cinderella was my favourite Disney movie as a child, and I used to HATE her so much!

@David M. Brown: I know what you mean about Briony! Thank you, David, good luck with yours too!

@Susan Oloier: It’s a tough one, isn’t it? There’s so many scoundrels to choose from!

@Linda K: Thank you! Awww I LOVE Tony Soprano! I definitely agree, whoever wrote his character is a frickin genius! I just try to look past his murderous ways, he looks so huggable and sweet :’) (good god… what’s wrong with us?)

@J.C. Martin: I do love a sarcastic baddie too, like Scar in Lion King (as an aside, how many Disney baddies are coming up in these comments?!) Hello Clarice… *shudder*

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