Thursday, 12 April 2012

The ‘Alright’ Wall of China

Today’s blog post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, is K for Karl Pilkington, from the TV show Idiot Abroad. Why?

He taught me not to judge a book by its cover.

The first time I watched Idiot Abroad, I’d caught it mid-show and was faced with an onslaught of moaning and whinging from Karl, who was somewhat bemused at being traipsed around some grubby streets in India.

I thought to myself: Why do people rave about this? This is just irritating to watch! Then I switched it over.

I thought nothing more of it for ages. I just presumed it was another Reality-TV show (I don’t watch much telly, by the way). One day, I walked into the living room and Colin was watching this scene:

I cried with laughter.

We’ve since bought series 1 & 2 on DVD and I’ve now put myself in the mood to watch it again. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it. Immediately. Who else is up for some Arseboarding?

I’m not sure why I was so put off the first time round. Was it just the mood I was in at the time? I know I’ve closed a few books, after “not getting into them”: have I done said books an utter disservice? Maybe I shouldn’t be too hasty next time. 

Have you ever given a book a second chance, and were glad you did?

I'll leave you with some of Karl Pilkington's finest quotes, pinched from Pilkipedia:

"You know how they say people have six senses? There's loads more than that. [The ability to feel someone looking at you], that's been around since man and dinosaur were knockin' about."

"I look at life like a big book and sometimes you get half way through it and go 'Even though I've been enjoying it, I've had enough. Give us another book'"

"They keep saying that sea levels are rising an all this. It's nowt to do with the icebergs melting, it's because there's too many fish in it. Get rid of some of the fish and the water will drop. Simple. Basic science."

Today’s K music video is by Klaxons performing Gravity’s Rainbow on the Jools Holland show. Enjoy!



Amanda Trought said...

I initially thought that of idiot abroard but after a while liked his dead pan humour, think its hilarious, haven't watched season 2 yet. hope your having a blessed day Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

Anna Smith said...

Haha that was brilliant. I almost didn't watch it because of the moaning at the start, but ended up loving it! :)

Universal Gibberish

Kyra Lennon said...

How have I never seen this show?? Arseboarding looks fun!

Cassam said...

He is so funny we have been watching series two again.I think he voices what a lot of us think and are too worried to say. Like ,why do you want to see ruins?,They're just a pile of old stones. Which is very true. Have you listened to his podcasts? they are hyserical, get them on itunes most are free.

Donna K. Weaver said...

That's hilarious, and he's actually kind of brilliant about the cake.

I'd never heard of this guy.

About JollyJilly said...

I really enjoy this show as well, he's dry sense of humour is soooo funny. I am a new follower and would love it if you come visit with me

Guuye said...

Hiya, I started watching series 1. Then because of Ricky Gervais's comment 'Mong' I started to dislike anything to do with him. I think the programme idea is a good one, but I feel Karl sometimes tries too hard to look stupid which can be uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing that video, it made me laugh. So I guess I should move on and see the funny side of things.

Jessica L. Foster said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the series. I've never seen it. I usually keep reading books even if they aren't interesting at first because I'm super picky about first chapters.

Adrianne Russell said...

I definitely need to check this out. That clip was hysterical!

Misha Gericke said...

Hahahaha it sounds hilarious. I'm definitely going to have to check it out. :-)

Catherine Noble said...

@Amanda Trought: I do love the dry humour! Thank you :) same to you!

@Anna Smith: Haha he is so whiney, isn't he? I'm so glad I persevered: some of the things he endures are HILARIOUS.

@Kyra Lennon: And there I thought I was the last one to have heard of the show! I think I'd love a bit of arseboarding!

@Cassam: I think you're right! I love the way he takes his pickled onion monster munch everywhere he travels! I haven't listened to the podcasts, but will be downloading them soon!

@Donna K. Weaver: I loved the cake analogy haha. I wonder if you really could be sick of being happy, or if I could really be sick of having chocolate fudge cake every day... I don't think I would! :p

@About JollyJilly: Thank you for visiting! I'd be glad to pop over to your blog :) Love the name, by the way!

@Guuye: Indeed, I thought Ricky Gervais's "mong" comment was completely idiotic. I've never really taken to him, even when he was in the office. I'm glad the video gave you a laugh! :)

@Adrianne Russell: Glad you liked it :D

@Misha Gericke: I'm sure you'll find it as hilarious as I do :)

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