Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hard at work...

"Life is always at some turning point."
Irwin Edman

Having taken the decision to rewrite the entire first draft of my WIP, I'm pleased to say it's coming along splendid.

All this "taking writing seriously" nonsense has left me somewhat unavailable to blog well at the moment. I'll be back in April for the A-Z blogging challenge: posting every day in April... you'll be sick of me by the 30th!

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If you need me, I'll be huddled in a corner of The Mitchell Library, scribbling away furiously in my wee project notebook. Or perhaps wandering the streets of Glasgow, partaking in some serious people-watching, being a creep.

You'll also find me on the food blog every Wednesday, and on Tumblr every now and then.
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Take Care
Catherine x


Anonymous said...

Well done you. That rewriting stuff is so important and usually the point where I start to think "Hmmm that's beginning to sound pretty good". More importantly, my editor (who I also happen to be married to) begins to think the same thing!
I had a twinge of nostalgia when you mentioned the Mitchell Library. I can remember my dad taking me there when I was a lad and also hours spent in its hallowed halls when I was doing my degree at Glasgow Uni. I stayed not far away, in Gibson Street.

Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

Oh, how the "taking writing seriously nonsense" changes everything :-) Some of it good...some of it, not so much ;-) See you in A to Z :-)

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