Friday, 20 January 2012

Tweethearts No More

This time last year, I had next to no knowledge of Twitter. I'd opened my @NobleNourish account for the food blog; even so, I had little interaction and even less inclination to tweet. What would I tweet about? What I had for dinner? People hate reading that kind of thing, don't they?

Side note: I love reading that kind of thing, but I'm aware this makes me a weirdo. Moving on...

When I decided to set up my writing twitter account (@Catherine_Noble), things suddenly clicked into place. I finally realised what all the fuss was about. I was discovering new writers every day, absorbing myself in their blogs and writing groups. Gleaming advice from seasoned authors and being swept along with all the creative enthusiasm.

Today, as I went to follow another writer, I was stopped in my tracks with the following message:

Somewhat perturbed, I clicked on the "Learn More", to be told:

"Every account can follow 2,000 users total. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow."

Meaning, over the course of a few months, I've managed to follow TWO THOUSAND writers! This is insane!

Ok... maybe not insane when you think about the many millions of writers out there in the Twitter universe (or Twitterverse, sigh, what's happening to the world?). But 2000 is still loads.

Does this mean my following days are over? This is what Twitter tells me:

"If you've reached the account-based follow limit (after you've followed 2,000 users), you’ll need to wait until you have more followers before you can follow additional users."

I have to say, I find that quite disheartening. It encourages a "tit for tat" mentality. It instigates a popularity contest.

Should I go and "unfollow" anyone that's not following me?

Indeed I will not! That would insinuate that my follows are conditional, which would make me a bit of an arse, to be frank.

Here's my take on Twitter:

like those #FollowFriday tweets that include a big list of people. You know the ones:

#FF @theuniverse @itsgranny @theirneighbour @secondcousintwiceremoved @thedog @thegoldfish @thelistgoeson...

Folk may say it's insincere; impersonal, but I like clicking on each account mentioned, to see what comes up on their page. If I like their description, I'll click on their website. If I like their website, I'll follow them.

Granted, to do this 2000 times exposes me as someone who spends an inordinate amount of time on Twitter, but lets just wash over that fact...

I've struck up a rapport with several writers who took part in NaNoWriMo with me; I've grouped these lovely people into my Twitter "Nano List", and often visit this list to see how they're getting on.

I've built up a mass of saved hashtag searches, which I like to peruse often. The writing related ones are:

#amwriting (funnily enough)

I also like to read the results of these hashtag searches; they can be quite amusing, and even inspiring:


I'm aware that having my "follow" ability taken from me is hardly the end of the world. And I know I'm being a theatrical fool by whining about it on here. Furthermore, it probably indicates that I spend too much time on twitter and not enough time on writing, thus holding me back from my inevitable bestselling author fame/fortune/grandeur. That mansion isn't going to build itself, now, is it? ;)

Thus, I shall take my impending Twitter prohibition, with reluctance, as a sign to step away from the Twittersphere (!) and focus more on my writing, even if I don't like the way they've enforced it. *huff*

I'm considering using that "Write Or Die" software. Anyone have any experience with it?

Still... come follow me so the bad twitter-men can let me back into their poncy club.

How are you all getting on with your writing, writers? I'd love to know. Come speak to me on here, until Twitter stops being a meanie.



Nicole Ducleroir said...

I didn't know there was such a limitation on Twitter. Don't think I agree with it, either. Well, glad to have found you today via a #FF hashtag! Great blog -- I LOVE this background and tried to upload it to my blog several times. I was never able to get it to format properly. But it sure looks fab here!

Have a great weekend :))

Catherine Noble said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, Nicole! Just had a look at your G+ page... I wish I'd lived in so many places! :D

I remember trying to set up this blog theme with an instruction list open on another page. It took AGES! I'm scared to do anything to it now incase I mess it up! Your blog theme is fabulous :)

Daniel Swensen said...

Following 2,000 people sounds terrifying to me. I can barely handle 600. :D

Angie Richmond said...

Awe that's so unfair!! Damn the Twitter Man!

Catherine Noble said...

@Daniel - I don't know how it happened... those twitter accounts just seeped into my psyche! :) *needs more* haha!

@Angie - Thanks; I'm glad you share my feeling of sheer injustice! Everytime someone new follows me now, I feel so guilty that I can't follow them back!

Anonymous said...

I recently went through this. Sad day that was made better by chocolate.

Catherine Noble said...

@Nellie: I take heed of your advice *scoffs Dairy Milk*

Donna aka Froggi said...

I recently read about this now I'm following you. @DonnaBMcNicol

Oh, and I added your blog to my reader.

Catherine Noble said...

Thank you, Donna, I'm delighted to say I'm already following you :D

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