Saturday, 21 April 2012

Writing Sanctuary

We all have our own writing spaces. Our Sanctuary. Mines is the desk wedged in the corner of our bedroom, between the bookcase and drawers stuffed with "inspiration" clippings. Stuck to the wall is my fortnightly writing schedule, along with several post-it notes, scrawled with directional snippets.

I also find writing sanctuary at The Mitchell Library. Against my will, might I add! As beautiful as the building is, it's not your typical quiet library: it's loud, bustling and downright infuriating for someone who needs to concentrate, to be frank. But still I go. I can't help it: the pages fill themselves rapidly and I never feel more productive than when I've gone to that bloody place, regardless of the mobile phones going off and babies screaming. What's that all about?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do today's A to Z Challenge on Sanctuary, and share the beautiful pictures of what I would imagine to be perfect writing sanctuaries.

I know as a writer, you should be able to write anywhere and everywhere. Some say it's best to be in a locked room with no distractions. But if you were spoilt for choice...

The Writer’s Retreat – Bordeaux, Gironde

Book Retreat: Library In The Woods

Ugh... they're all just too amazing. I know the pictures are full of sunshine, but I think I'd love it even more if it was pouring with rain, with occasional rumblings of thunder. That's what it was like here today and I had the blind up full, with the windows open as I wrote. Wonderful!

Today's S music video is for Stevie Wonder, with an amazing live performance of Higher Ground. I defy you not to tap your foot!



Cassam said...

I can't make up my mind which writing place I like best. They are all lovely. I don't really have a place to write just wherever. I wouldn't go to a libray as you say yhey're not quite anymore but at least at the Mitchell you have all the reference books you need and it got a more old school library feel to it.

MJ said...

Oh how I would love a retreat to get away to! I too would like it if there were pounding rain, thunder and lightning.
-MJ A to Z blogger

Catherine Noble said...

@Cassam: Same here, I want to visit them all! That is true about the Mitchell. It definitely is Old School, but I have a fondness for the Elder Park Library too!

@MJ: It's wonderful, isn't it? I have "thunder and rain" relaxation music that I sometimes listen to, when I'm cosy and warm in bed/a bath. I love it!

Amanda Saint said...

They all look amazing. I've just come back from Retreats for You in North Devon, which was not quite so exotic (alhough may seem it compared to Scotland!) but very lovely all the same and I was spoilt rotten so all I had to do was write. Meaning I finished the first draft of my novel!

melody-mae said...

Loved this S post today, that second picture of the room with the few of the woods and bookshelves made me draw a deep sigh...oh, I am now following too. :)

michelle said...

Loved these pics... they are splendid... superb... sublime... stunning... great S-post!

mshatch said...

I'll take the one in Hawaii, wow, what a view!

Catherine Noble said...

@Amanda Saint: Ooooooooh I'm so chuffed for you! I'm hopping over to your blog right now, to see if you've written all about your writing retreat experience. Scotland will always be the most beautiful place in the world, for me, but I'm jealous of your North Devon escape :)

@Melody-Mae: Thank you :) That picture is a beaut, eh? I'd love to kick back with a good book there (although I'd probably get quite scared if it went dark)

@Michelle: Haha thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@mshatch: I know, it's gorgeous isn't it? Do you think we'd get much writing done though, with a view like that? I could stare out at it ALL day :)

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